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Date: c. 1825
Medium: Yellow, rose, green, and white gold, white sapphires
66.7 x 47.6 x 11.1 mm
Markings: Lid: cm incuse "F.R., rect. cameo 18, 4524" Cuvette: "No 4524, DETACH'D LEVER, 13 JEWELS"
Credit Line: Proctor Collection, Thomas R. Proctor Watch Collection
Object number: PC. 289
Text Entries

Watchmakers decorated cases with four-color gold designs as late as 1825, but they were more apt to depict naturalistic motifs—sprays of flowers and scrolls—than allegories of love. Naturalistic designs in varicolored gold were also used on jewelry at this time.(1) On this watch, floral motifs in four colors of gold adorn the dial and encircle the numerals. The back of the case is engine turned with a central circular reserve. The dial is yellow gold with an engine-turned pattern in the form of rays; the Roman chapters and hands are in rose gold. The bezel is chased with leafy scrolls that continue onto the pendant and bow.

1. On a gold and coral diadem in the collection of the Toledo Museum of A11, the gold in various colors is chased to resemble leaves. For an illustration of a gold and coral diadem, see Margaret Flower, Victorian Jewellery, 2d ed. (London: Cassell & Co. Ltd., 1967), pl. 2.